Sunday School

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Beginner Class - This class is lively with kids from ages 4-8.  From Preschool to 3rd grade, these kids are energetic and bright.  Their  teacher, Sister Lois Myers, enjoys interacting with the children one-on-one and prefers to teach from a play mat rather than a chair.  In addition to teaching a fun-filled  Sunday School lesson, she takes time each Sunday to spend with the kids in Praise and Worship including signing.  We are so proud of this great starter class!!!


Pre-Teen Class - A great group of youngsters, this class is filled with kids from ages 9-12.  Sis. Debbie Bumpus spends considerable time each week preparing a lesson that will not only teach fundamental Bible truths but also keep the attention of an age that can be so easily bored.  With lots of activities and a great deal of motivating lessons, it is her goal to instill a desire to serve God in their hearts while they are at a very critical age.  We enjoy hearing from this class periodically in the sanctuary!


Youth Class - With a new teacher, a new room, and a new theme, this youth group is really taking off and getting “fired” up.  These young people are hungry for growth and hungry to see God move not only in them but also in the entire church.  As the Youth Leader, Sis. Lisa Smith is determined to see Revival and growth among the teenagers that will spill over into our church services.   Several of these young people are Praise and Worship singers and are also in the Youth Choir.  Be sure and check out how they are “Spreading the Fire” on the Youth Page.



Children’s Church - Fun for everyone, children’s church has really been an exciting new program that we have begun here at Creston Pentecostal.  Bro. Gary and Sis. Debbie Bumpus along with the assistance of Sis. Lois Myers lead children’s church on the first Sunday of each month.  This time of worship and learning is designed to be focused on all the children ages 4-12 and allows them a part in the church service.  Each time they read from the Bible, have testimony service, an object lesson, and lots of praise and worship.  The kids look forward to this time each month and especially when Bro. Bumpus brings out his puppet, Bro. John!